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Haint Punch

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Lucy Burton is sitting on the biggest political story of the year. It’s uncomfortable. Deke Kipling is hunted by militant feminists and strangely impotent men’s rights group. He needs a vacation. Both get what they ask for – and hard.

The media is scrambling for access to a well-armed political three-way as a sex-pot evangelical and an oily congressman scramble for Mississippi’s newly vacant senate seat. And is the “Old Bear of the Senate” planning to take on American’s unstable tycoon-cum-president? Or is he a latter-day Guy Fawkes, planning to blow the whole thing up? 

HAINT PUNCH is a cocktail of sleazy kingmakers, victim dealers, hashtag crusaders, dateless nymphomaniacs, and bourbon-soaked aristocrats. Topical and hilarious, touching a deep and widespread feeling that we must cry for the current state of affairs, or have a stiff drink about it.

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Pothole of the Gods:

On Ill-Advised Global Adventurism

Pothole of the Gods is an ill-advised, but hilarious. ramble through the histories and modern streets of Iraq, Istanbul, and Benghazi. Attached to a marauding mission of pediatric surgeons, Murff evades arrest, watches heart surgery and tries not to buy a carpet for the wife.

Mostly, Pothole of the Gods is a 5,000 year view of global adventurism and why we've always tried to blame it the gods since the dawn of civilization. Historian, correspondent, and comic novelist, Murff discovers that the last laugh is on us.

A worm’s eye view of America’s (and everyone else’s) bad decisions – 30% travelogue, 30% headline news, 30% history and 30% comedy of errors. Yes, that’s 120% but this really is a lot of book for the money.

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