Read Your  Machiavelli
Other Tips for 
Ill-advised Geopolitical

Murff flies into the land of oil and religion wearing a pair of scrubs and reading a battered copy of Machiavelli’s The Prince. Attached to a humanitarian mission, Murff’s adventures through Middle East trouble spots puts him in the crosshairs of war, politics and foreign aid.


You might think that Machiavelli’s amoral guide to being a 16th Italian despot has no place in the modern world. With good intentions send us hell at the speed of a tweet, though, you’d be wrong.


Murff spells out the timeless relevance of The Prince whether you are planning an invasion, bribing Crown Princes, or bluffing your way out of arrest in Benghazi. This modern application of a classic is concise, infuriating, and very funny.

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